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Nufair Whitening serum

Product Code : MWS1-S

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Price: Rs.2800

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  • Especially formulated for Asian skin and result starts from 7days
  • Supreme whitening Skin lightening serum with 7% of alpha arbutin, 7% Kojic Acid,5% beta carotene, Licorice, Morus Alba, Vit C, Vit E etc.
  • Safer to use on intimate areas (like Bikini line, under arms, Butt etc)
  • Combat  the effects of Melano synthesis
  • Consist of natural whitening complex:  Licorice extract, Alpha Arbutin, Morus Alba Extract, Bear Berry Extract, etc. 
  • Show  results within   four weeks.
  • Superbly absorb and adjust skin  texture
  • Non Comedogenic and Non Acnegenic
  • ph 4.5  to 5.5
  • Hydroquinone  /Chemicals/ Bleaching agent  free


Usage & Direction:

·         Hyperpigmentation  / Dark discolorations

·         Melasma/Chloasma

·         Dark elbows, knees, Underarm and  Intimate Areas

·         Uneven skin  tone

·         Tans/Sundamage

·         Freckles

·         Sun spot/ age spot

Cleanse skin and apply a small amount  to  facial area until  fully absorbed. For best results apply  twice

daily, morning and night. Safe on ALL parts of  the body  including  face, neck, underarms,  legs, hands,

feet, stomach, back &  intimate areas. Not  recommended  for children under  the age of 12. For external

use only