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Lanopearl Ultra smooth cleansing gel

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(Daily Facial  Cleanser with 12 herbs)

·         A smooth, non-drying gel that gently cleanses the face while moisturising and energizing the skin

·         Made from 12 herbal extracts

·         Dissolves away pore clogging dirt without drying

·         Free of chemical additives

·         All in One –Gel,Scrub,Mask with natural ingredients


How it Works:

·         Cucumber extracts – soothes and tightens

·         Aloe Vera extracts – softens skin

·         Ginseng and green tea extracts protects and revitalizes

·         A blend of 12 natural plant extracts dissolve away poreclogging dirt, leaving the face fresh and clean.



Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cucumber Extract, Ginseng Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Sage Extract, Green Tea Extract, Rose merry extract, Nettle extract, Balm Mint, Horse tail leaf extract, Chamomile extract, etc.



Wet face with clean hands. Apply Ultra Smooth Cleansing Gel onto moistened palms and work up lather. Massage gently over face, rinse off and pat dry.Results: 99.700% Customer Satisfaction