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Natural Cosmetics for Under Eye Dark Circle in India

Lanopearl Synake B

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(Fantastic product which caters to all 5 sign of dark circle)

·   For dark circle around the eyes

·   Intensive anti wrinkle care and deep wrinkle reduction

·   Improves skin elasticity and resilience in the eye area plus whitening effect

·   Effective against expression lines, this highly active serum takes anti aging skincare to a new level of reality

·   Natural cosmetics for under eye dark circle in India


How it Works:

·   Synake – Intensive anti-wrinkle care and deep wrinkle reduction

·   Oligopeptide 68- Helps in skin Lightening

·   Antioxidants &Citrus Grandis - Revitalizes skin cells

·   Vitamin E & Vitamin B- Nourishes and regenerates skin cells

·   Lecithin Ylang Ylang oil, Aloe vera & Cucumber Ext- Provides balanced skin tone with Proper hydration



Take 2-3 drops of Synake B whitening serum on your finger tips and gently  apply  around  the  eyes,  ideally  twice  a day.  If  you notice tingling sensation this is normal due to nature of active ingredients. If irritation persists, stop using it and consult your doctor  immediately. 



After  3-4 weeks  of  daily  usage  one  can  experience  drastic reduction in under eye dark circles. For better results, continue using  it  for  longer duration.