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(Undereye gel with botanical extract)

·   Reduces the dark circle under eye wrinkles & fine lines in just 4 weeks

·   Nuigel brightens & smoothen the eye contour &moisturizes the skin under eyes

·   Is a pure botanical preparation of Aloe vera, Cucumber, Carrot seed oil, Rose Extract, Green tea & glycerine.

·   No Perfume added

·   Non Greasy and Non oily botanical formulation-will not irritate or stings the eyes


How it Works:

·   Aloe vera-helps to reduce fine wrinkles &infection around eyes.

·   A gentle formulation of Aloe vera ,Cucumber and carrot seed oil –offer excellent anti edema and
    anti inflammatory effects to eye which stimulate Cutaneous  circulation

·   Take care of Dark circle happened because of Vitamin Deficiency 



Use Nuigel 2-3 time daily (Morning and before sleep)for 3 to 6 months.Take peanut size gel in ring finger and massage  it  for 2  to 5 minutes  in circular motion around  the eye.