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treatment for eye bags and puffiness in India

Lanopearl Eye contour

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·    Reduce the appearance of eye bags

·     Restores natural moisture of the delicate eye area

·     Nourishing and brightening effect

·     Best Treatment for eye bags and puffiness in India 


How it works

·     Gently and effectively moisturise the delicate area around the eye
·     Unique,concentrated texture helps to brighten and refresh even the most fatigued eyes to prevent dryness from environmental damage
·     Wheat Germ Oil-reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eye area, firms and tones skin.
·     Aloe vera- reduces the irritation and redness of the eye.
·     Green Tea-will help bringing puffy eyes back to their original size.
·     Nettle extract- It is effective in treating nearly all symptoms of itchy in watery eyes.





Eye Contour


Reduces the eye bags or puffiness

Active ingredients

Contains 17 active and herbal ingredients e.g.: Aloe Vera, Retinyl


Palmitate, Wheatgerm Oil, Horsetail, Green Tea, Melissa Officinalis


Extract, Chamomile Extract, Macadamia, Avocado, Coltsfoot,


Rosemary, Horse Chestnut, Nettle Extract. Sage Leaf Extract, Jojoba.


Gently massage a small amount onto eye contour until absorbed. It is always very important to be careful when applying anything to delicate eye area. We recommend that before using on your eyes you  test  the lotion on a  less sensitive part of your body such as   the  inside of  the wrist.  If you notice any redness or itching  then discontinue use.