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Nogray Kit

Nogray Kit

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 ·   Is a wonderful and unique formulation of Allopathy & Naturopathy for the treatment of premature greying of hair.

·   Nogray Capsule contains PABA 200mg along with Calcium Panthothenate, Zinc and Biotin in Optimum concentration.

·   Murraya Koenigii and Phyllantus Emblica are time tested ingredients for treatment of Grey Hair.

·   Gives protection to the hair internally.

·   Have 60 to 70 % active ingredient so more result oriented

·   Made up of 100% natural active nutrients


How it Works:

 ·   Eclipta alba – its tonic action eliminates toxins and tones up the scalpPABA – important for healthy skin and hair pigment

·   Psoralia Carilifolia- enhances pigmentation of the hair

·   Sesamum indicum- darken premature grey hair

·   Murraya koenigii-acts as a good nutritious tonic for the scalp 



Take one to two Nogray capsule a day after food.For best results use continuously for three months or more. Apply 1to 5 ml of Nogray serum with the help of dropper and apply it to the affected areas once or twice daily. Gently massage it and allow 10 second to dry and don’t wash hair for atleast 4 hours.It is advisable to expose your scalp to morning sun light for 15-20 min for faster result.