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Rejinov Capsule

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   Helps the skin to regain its softness and elasticity.

   Vitamin C plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen.

   D-Salina extract and Lycopene offers protection from UV ray which damage the skin.

   Vitamin E protects the skin from the damage caused by oxidative stress. 


How it Works:

   Hydrolyzed collagen- Optimizes hydration and firmness of the skin

   Marine Protein- is a very rich source of amino acids with only 26 calories per serving

   Horse tail Extract- well known for anti-aging property & aid in maintaining healthy skin & hair

   Pine Bark extract & Green tea Extract- Gives nutrition to skin

   Grape seed Extract& Pine Bark Extract- Excellent antioxidant

   Lycopene- Antioxidant and sunscreen in one



Direction: - For better results, take one capsule twice daily after meal for 8 weeks.


Usage & Benefits:

   Overall skin health

   Skin firming

   Reduced appearance of wrinkles

   Scar treatment

   Repair of sun damage