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Nufair Instalift wrinkle eraser

Product Code : MLF1-S

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Price: Rs.4000

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Instant wrinkle eraser

   Speeds Wrinkle Recovery by Stimulating instant Collagen Production with visible results

   Ph Balanced ,Hypoallergenic, and Non-Comedogenic

   Combines the latest skin care technology of EGF with

   Multi-peptide & Witch hazel extract and hydrolysed collagen along with sodium hyaluronate.

  Promotes skin’s natural cell turnover cycle and nourish the skin and gives Instant result within half & hour of its application. 


How it Works:

   EGF – acts by binding with epidermal growth factor receptor on the cell surface and stimulate cell division

   Peptides – increase collagen production, thereby plumping the skin throughout the dermis, and making it more supple.

   Artemia Extract- increases skin defences and resistance to UV-B and heat stress

   Sodium Hyaluronate-plays an integral role in maintaining and regulating moisture within the tissues

   Witch hazel-acts as Moisturizer and has Anti Acne effect



   Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

   Skin –whitening & Wrinkle care

   Moisturizing ,Anti-bacterial and scar treatment

   Safe to use before Medical Procedures



Take serum in your finger tip and apply on wrinkle and live it for some time and within 15 mins.
you can see the lightening of wrinkle..use it before party or special event .