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Lanopearl Penta Max Nanosomes Gold serum

Product Code : LB13

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Price: Rs.2800

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(Detox and whitening serum for 40 plus )

Feel the power of Gold on skin……

·   Contains 5 active ingredients for maximum Anti-Wrinkle results

·   Concentrate but lightweight serum

·   Enriched with Gold Nanosomes, Placenta extracts, Sodium DNA & RNA & extracts of algae and Chamomile
With Gold Nanosomes  for better penetration & absorption and leaves the fabulous effect of gold on skin


How it Works:

·   Gold Nanosomes- helps penetrating  the active  ingredients  further  into the skin,  resulting  in a youthful and  rejuvenated skin.

·   Sodium RNA-has skin conditioning properties  to  repair and  renew  the skin.

·   Sodium DNA-acts  to stimulate cell  repair activity

·   Algae and Chamomile extracts-helps  in  treating  rashes and  reduce  the skin  irritation

·   Placental extracts- prevents  the early aging of skin

·   Antioxidants and vitamins- Relieves  from  free  radical damage



·   Maintains skin elasticity& skin  tone

·   Reduces  fine  lines and wrinkles

·   Detox Serum  for 40+ skin

·   Proper hydration and acts as moisturizer



After thorough cleansing with facial wash, towel dry and gently massage gold serum  into face and neck. Concentrate particularly on areas prone to fine  lines, wrinkles and age spot. Leave  for 2-3 minutes.