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Rebirth Lip Balm

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(Lip balm with sunscreen & Vitamin E)

For peeling and cracked sensitive lips for both male and female.

·   A gentle lip balm rich in emollients

·   Soothes dry and peeling lips

·   Apply Regularly for soft supple lips

·   Contains sunscreen for added protection

·   Apricot fragrance has a nice smell

·   With Lanolin , Sunscreen and Vitamin E 

How it Works:

·   Lanolin - is a great natural moisturiser, lubricant and rust stopper.

·   Mineral Oil- is used to soothe and heal irritated lips.

·   Apricot Extract- reduces dryness and skin peeling.

·   Allantoin-used as skin conditioning, protecting and soothing agent.

·   Benzophenone 3, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane,

·   Octyl Methoxycinnamate- is sunscreen ingredients.

·   Ozokerite and carnauba wax- has excellent properties as an emollient & moisturizer. 



Use Daily twice or thrice for shiny, Healthy and pink lips.