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Natural Cream for Breast Tightening India

Venox Bestex serum

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(For sagging & Ageing breast of female)

The Perfect Natural way for Beautiful Bustline & Firmness

·   Dermatological Proven Serum with Perfect combination of Nanotechnology and the timeless Thai  herb, Pueraria Mirifica

·   The perfect Natural way for beautiful Bustline & Firmness

·   Helps in Toning of Breast Skin, Visible Cleavage, radiant texture of

·   Breast Skin & protection from free radicals.

·   Provides breast rejuvenation.

·   Natural cream for breast tightening India


How it Works:

·   Nanosomes tone the elasticity of breast tissue, expands the cellular substructure stimulating collagen Synthesis.

·   Pueraria Mirifica is 100% natural, Dermatologically tested active

·   ingredient suitable for all skin types.

·   Reduces wrinkles on breasts giving soft, smooth and beautiful breasts

·   Having estrogenic action resulting in superior firmer breast tissues. 


Usage & Administration:

For Sagging Breast

Begin with a clean dry skimintn. Squeeze a small amount of Bestex serum onto your finger tips, Massage 3 to 5 mins in directly onto the breast using a circular motion, beginning at the upwards and working your way underside. You can experience upliftment of the breasts at a  rate of ½  to 1  inch a month  for 2-3 months duration before. Drinking milk, eating Foods rich in Calcium, or taking  Calcium  Supplements  while  applying  Bestex  is  highly recommended. 



Suitable  only  for  Women  over  18  &  not recommended  in Pregnancy or during breast  feeding