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Lanopearl White pearl Treatment Lotion with suncreen

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(for whitening with Luminosity) 

·         Helps to minimize age spots, freckles and scarring.

·         Renews the skin for a new level of luminosity.

·         Potent natural plant extract present in it helps to lighten the skin tone.

·         It’s added with sunscreen formulation to act as a physical barrier that repels the sun’s harmful rays 


How it Works: 

·         Waltheria Indicia Extract inhibits the melanin synthesis and helps in whitening the skin.

·         Ferulic acid helps to prevent redness and sunburn from UVB rays.

·         Cyclomethicone gives slick and silky feel

·         Citric acid helps in protecting the skin from damaging free radical activity

·         Lactic acid helps in reducing acne breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles.

·         Phenyl Trimethicone helps in providing moisturization for long term.


Usage direction: 

Apply Lanopearl White Pearl Treatment Lotion on the skin until fully absorbed. Penetrates quickly and

hydrate the skin. Store in a cool and dry place. It provides immediate luminosity