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Nuhair Plus Serum

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(Hair Oil of Saw palmetto with nutrients for hair in pump spray)

Advance formula with 12% Saw Palmetto Extract

•   Is an ideal solution to combat hair loss

•   Contains 7 Natural DHT Blockers  for better penetration 

•   Contain 2 Antioxidant – Natural Minoxidil (Grape seed extract & Pygeum Bark Extract) for better hair Growth & Blood circulation.

•   Have Avocado Oil which is one of the best penetrator for Indian Skin.  



•   Saw Palmetto extract – 12%
•   Grape seed extract, Gamma Linolenic acid
•   Pygeum Bark extract
•   Oleic acid
•   Linoleic acid
•   Alpha Linoleic acid
•   Azelaic acid
•   Evening Primrose Oil
•   Avocado oil
•   Vitamin E
•   Zinc Sulphate
•   Vit. B6
•   SD Alcohol – 40
•   Polysorbate 20
•   Purified water 



•   Nuhair Plus Serum Blocks & Inhibits DHT

•   Natural ingredients so no side effect & activates Hair Follicle.

•   Contains fatty acids, GLA, ALA, linoleic acid, and oleic acid as topical DHT inhibitors.

•   Other anti-DHT ingredients include Saw palmetto extract 12%, zinc and Azelaic acid.

•   Can be used topically by both men and women.

•   These natural ingredients have been scientifically proven in multiple studies to block type I and type II forms of the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme by up to 90% when applied topically.



•   Topical application of Nuhair serum Plus causes an increase in the anagen phase and hence results in an increased .density and diameter of hair.

•   Application provides concentrated delivery of the active ingredients to the hair follicle—where DHT is produced..


An ideal product to treat

•   Treat hair loss after child birth

•   Alopecia / Baldness in men.

•   Hair loss in women with PCOS

•   Hair loss and facial hair in women after menopause.

•   Hirsutism

•   Hair loss because of nutritional deficiency.

•   Hair loss due to use of chemicals.


How it Works:

•   Nuhair Plus Capsule contains Vitamin B,E&C,Biotin,Zinc,Methione and Cysteine which helps to promote

•   thick ,healthy and bouncy hair.

•   Nuhair Plus Serum contains 2 Antioxidant for better hair growth & blood circulation.

•   With the latest medical breakthrough for the treatment of hair loss

•   Nuhair Plus Serum contains 6 DHT Blockers for better penetration



•   Apply 1-2 ml (14-28 drops) of the serum to the affected and surrounding areas of the scalp once / twice daily for minimum 3 to 6 months.

•   Gently massage the serum into the scalp for 10 to 20 seconds.

•   Do not wash or rinse hair for at least four hours