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Get Rid of Dark Circle, wrinkles and puffiness around Eyes.

Btox Nuigel

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• A revolutionary and revitalizing B-tox-like (acetyl hexa-peptide -3) with microencapsulate of multivitamin A, C & E.
• Reduces wrinkles, fine-lines and puffiness.
• Fades dark circles around the eyes.• It brightens & smoothen the eye contour &moisturizes the skin under eyes

Glycine Soja
• It reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eyes by improving micro-circulation
• It is a powerful antioxidant, rich in vitamin E and hence used in anti-aging skin care productsto protect the skin from free radicals.
• It reduces the effect associated with the aging process and the development of fine lines and wrinkles.
• It stimulates the skin’s production of collagen which in turn increases its elasticity and a youthful appearance. 

Chamomile Extract
• It can be used to treat dark circles under eyes.
• It helps in treating eye inflammation and infection and also treats conjunctivitis.
• It helps in reducing under-eye dark circles, eye puffiness and also soothes the tired eyes.

Centella Asiatica Extract
• It helps in reducing puffiness and dark rings around the eyes, while fighting wrinkles and lines.
• It has a toning and tightening effect on the skin when applied topically.

Jojoba Oil
• It helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
• It helps to smooth shallow "crow's feet" around the eyes, wrinkles under the eyes, moisturizes and nourishes around eyes area
• It enhances elasticity of skin, thus helps to disappear wrinkles over face and under eyes.
• It is an emollient, so it’s well known for hydrating skin and fading wrinkles.

Cassia angustifolia
• It is from the seeds of the Indian Senna plant, botanical alternative to Hyaluronic Acid 
• It is for immediate and intense moisturizing effects that last up to 24 hours
• It plumps out fine lines to provide a smoother, more radiant complexion. 
• It also promotes cell generation.Centella Asiatica Extract
• It inhibits hyaluronidase up to 90% protecting natural levels of hyaluronic acid to maintain healthy levels of skin hydration, tone, firmness and elasticity.
• It improves collagen content, renews collagen related to weakened connective tissues and prevents scars and marks.


Apply directly underneath eyes and upper eyelids, moving outward up and under the brow.

Use both Morning and evening for the desired result.